Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Watching the Dead - an introduction

Where to start.

I was watching the series finale of The Walking Dead series 2 and I had an epiphany, not the sort where I had a sudden uncontrollable appetite for brains, but that what I was watching was really pretty good, it was utterly compelling, full of drama; it was, tense, exciting and most of all human. I realised that for me anyway, Zombie films were just about as good as it could get and I should really dedicate more time to them.

I'd always enjoyed a good Zombie flick; from Romero's Dawn of the Dead, a firm favourite from my youth repeatedly watched until the VHS was stretched, to newer more mainstream films like Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland. If there was something on TV Zombie related it would always get recorded and watched but I never went out of my way to see all the special features nor gave much thought to how the film fits into Zombie canon.

You could say I had Zombies on the brain and over the next few days an idea germinated. I'd re-watch old films and dig up new ones I'd not got round to, or even heard of; I'd watch the special features, listen to the commentaries, try and work out how it all fit in and write it up.

So what we have, at the moment anyway, is a Zombie Film and TV review blog. I've got a list of Blu Rays and DVDs including many which are Region 1 only; a fact I'll have to address at some point, and I plan over the months and years to watch them all in detail and leave my thoughts.

So, here we are.

One more thought going into this...

For me anyway, it's not about the gore; the constant backdrop of horror serves  to drive the tension. People from all walks of life facing the shock and hurt of apocalyptic loneliness as society collapses. It's how people cope, interact and react with everything and everyone once all the rules and structure have been ripped away that is most fascinating.

Enjoy, disagree and leave your comments, WTD.

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