Tuesday, 4 December 2012

A note - blog


Thought I’d best drop a post re. my relative absence. Writing the reviews rekindled my long forgotten love of writing and inspired me to start the novel I always felt I wanted to write. I’ve a couple of films I need to write up reviews of: Planet Terror, a gritty stylish non-zombie zombie film I really quite enjoyed and Dance of the Dead, a low budget zombie rom-com that pulls off feeling both fresh and original and yet traditional and authentic to its roots. My problem is every time I sit to get the reviews started I find myself drawn to the novel. So feeling I should be writing up my reviews when I write the novel and my novel when I write the reviews I’ve decided to fess-up and do what feels right which means my focus will more than not be here for a while.

So, for the time being, apologies; I will return and I may even add some remarks about the story I’m attempting to pen.