Monday, 7 September 2015

Hello Darkness, my old friend…

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder; one can only hope.

Mornin' all. With provisions running low and a thirst for sunlight I've decided to risk leaving the security of the bunker, thus giving me once again the opportunity re-engage with you foul and sordid cretins in all matters undead, gut-munching and the big screen.

First off I plan on working through the back-log of films piled high behind the front door; so first off Olaf Ittenbach's sleazy cheesy splatter film Premutos and following that I'll dig my teeth into the old classic Night of the Comet.

Then we have the delightfully named Lust of the Dead aka Zombie Rape, Dr Blood's Coffin, Zombie Honeymoon and the old Zompire classic The Omega Man. Ahh, Heston. Lastly I'll arrange a date night, don myself in my least blood stained string vest, light some candles, ready cheesy puff balls and pop on Erotic Night of the Living Dead; she's such a lucky girl.

After this we'll have a look at all the new tasty undead treats that have come out since I went into hiding.

Talk soon,


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